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You need a java enabled browser to play this game.

If you visit this page for the first time, just wait until JavaMiner starts.

If you close the JavaMiner-window, it will stop automatically. If you want to start it again, just click here.

Move the miner: Arrow keys
Shoot: <F2> key
Restart: Left mouse button

-You control the miner, which has to collect all the diamonds in the level. The miner is able to move on a way or can dig a new way. If the top of the miner is red, you can shoot. If it is not red, you have to wait until you can shoot again.
-The hostiles try to hinder the miner. If a hostile touches the miner, the miner loses a life. The hostiles only are able to move on ways.
-There is also gold in the levels, which the miner can collect. The miner is only able to collect the gold if the gold bag is broken. The gold bags break if the miner digs a way just under them, so that they fall down. Falling gold bags can kill the miner and the hostiles. The hostiles are also able to collect broken gold bags.
-The miner and the hostiles are not able to move through walls. The walls are not destroyable.
-The miner gets points for collecting diamonds and gold and for killing hostiles. If the miner has 10.000 Points, he gets a new life.

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