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Your source for online Flash and Java video games.


Way back in 1997 I put up a couple Java games on a free Geocities web page. Over time I began adding more and more games, and had to move to my own server a couple years later.

Then, in 2000, I packed up all the games and moved them to their current home at where they sat for the next 5 years. As technology progressed, I began adding other types of games such as Flash and DHTML, and the total number of games was over 125.

The site went nearly 5 years without a major update, and I figured if I was going to have a gaming site then I might as well do it right. In August 2005 the site was completely redesigned into what you see here now.

In October of 2005, we began producing our very own games. With an initial offering of just three games with hopes of adding at least 2 to 4 new games a month. These games are all freely available for other webmasters to download and install on their web site. We hope this will help spread the word.

This site is far from being a commercial success, as it costs more to run then advertising revenue brings in. But I hope when people see our great selection of games, not to mention our lack of annoying advertisements and pop-up banners, they will come back again and again, maybe even tell their friends.

Robert Fogt (Seattle Washington, USA)
Owner, Webmaster, Programmer
Responsible for the day to day operation of the site, including answering e-mail, adding new games, marketing, and site improvements. I also produce all the original games you find here.
Yan Kleber de Moura (Niteroi, RJ Brazil)
Lead Game Designer
Yan created one of the first original games that was produced by LostJungle, Helyx Commando. I liked his work so much that I have been keeping him busy designing games full time ever since.
  Everyone Else
Over the years we have had help from many other people. Including web page designers, programmers, graphic artists, writers, marketers, consultants, and more. Hopefully they will forgive me for not mentioning them here by name.